We are committed to the improvement of the social and economic welfare of the local communities surrounding our palm oil plantation. In furtherance of such commitment, we have participated in the Indonesian government-initiated plasma programme and provided employment opportunities and education, social and cultural welfare for local communities.

  1. Plasma Programme
    We are a participant in the Indonesian government-initiated plasma programme which was initiated pursuant to the Indonesian government's policy of encouraging partnerships between big plantation companies and their respective surrounding communities. This involves the development of new plantations by oil palm plantation companies that will then be operated by local small landholders. We believe that small landholders, through participation in our plasma programme, will benefit economically from the increase in income derived from the proceeds of operating such new oil palm plantations.

  2. Employment
    With a view to creating employment opportunities for local communities surrounding our palm oil plantation, we typically accord priority to local communities on staff recruitment for our operations. We believe that the standard of living for our employees in our palm oil plantation and palm oil mill has also been improved though us providing them with housing, community halls, infrastructure for education and religious places of worship, treated water, proper sanitation, electricity and medical treatment as part of their staff benefits.

  3. Education, social and cultural welfare
    We contribute in the areas of education and social and cultural welfare of the local communities by extending scholarships for children of local communities and contributing to the improvement of living conditions of the local communities by the installation of power generators and water treatment equipment. We also sponsor and participate in various cultural and religious celebrations with the local communities.

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